Ranch Rant (4:07 pm) 12/17/09

Animal Collective’s new EP, “Fall Be Kind”, and STS9’s new full length, “Ad Explorata”, are really making life sound good right now. I highly recommend playing both often, as I will during my travels this break.

I need to purchase HST’s Hells Angels for my excursion to San Francisco.

Sea of Dreams want’s LostinSound to do a full write up with an interview with the head of production. I believe we have been given the go ahead to interview any of the artists at the event as well. Um, fucking sweet sauce.

I’ll be missing Dizzy’s going away Shpongleextravaganza at 20 Pratt this Friday, sadness will ensue as he and Nallers will not be around for the spring semester. As Rob Uslan said today(post-motorbike), “Dude i love this place, its the perfect combination of having friends in high places and high friends in places”.


I must purchase a bigger space heater for my cave. It is imperative that we get a microwave at this house. I need to stop getting sick every two weeks, insert exercise and moderate healthlyness.

One semester left before i get my BA in Journalism, and the wild rumpus begins….


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