Ranch Rant (11:37 am) 6/17/10

I love how so many Obama Administration opposers think that they could have “fixed” or “contained” the BP spill better. I really doubt that any of these talking heads or senators are scrubbing pelicans or have any idea about oil spill containment. I just don’t see how the White House can be at blame for BP’s bullshit. I was just watching Live Video on New York Times.com of all these big wigs reading off their cue cards to show their condemnation to BP’s Chief Tony Hayward. There was one senator from Iowa who spoke on the deaths of the BP workers, something that I think should be getting more attention.

“Maybe I’m just bein’ cynical, but wouldn’t it be helpful at this BP hearing for all the lawmakers to wear a name tag that says HI! My Name is ; Big oil contributed to my last campaign; I own shares in companies directly involved in oil exploration.”- Charlie Brick

“See it’s like good and evil. They exist together in their little game, each with its special place and special humors. I dig ’em both. What is life but being conscious? And good and evil are manifestations of consciousness. If you reject one, you’re not getting the whole thing thats there to be had. So i had a good time last night. Getting in trouble can be a trip too.” – Jerry Garcia

I have always had an affinity for Ying Yangs, and concepts that relate to the symbol. At Wakarusa I came across an amazing symbol called Balance Your Face-kind of a cross between a Grateful Dead Stealie and a Ying Yang. So much of life, both universally and personally, is about these two sides. You cannot throw one out, you cannot escape the dark. It is not about escape but balance. Knowing how to use the light to contain and control the dark. You can hug as many trees as you want, kneel and prey, send money to an underdeveloped country. But you cannot disregard the other side of good. Its a struggle, but one to be conscious of. I think that is what I like most about Ayn Rand’s Modernist philosophy in her novel the Fountainhead.


What do you think?

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