Ranch Poem- “Living Pitfalls”


Living Pitfalls

Do you follow your own advice?
It is simple to know what is right
but it is a riddle to do what is right

Face your mistakes with your head up
and loosen the chains of resentment
because you know there is no excuse

True motives deeper motivations
Often we can’t even see our own
and we choose like wild beasts

Liquor vs Cognition
Coke vs Sleep
Weed vs Potent Memory
K vs Whole Personality
Ecstasy vs Lasting Happiness
Painkillers vs Independence

Life is in the Prefrontal Lobe
It blooms beautiful like a rose and
nurtures us when we nurture it
Executive functionality is cure for the blues

Now I will not get down on my knees
asking for salvation or forgiveness
until I have found both from myself

The Lazyboomers must fight for agency
as each individual fights for direction
Avoiding disorders and living pitfalls.



One comment

  1. dad · October 20, 2010

    It is by going down the abyss that we find the treasure in life.
    Where you stumble there lies your treasure

    Joseph Cambell


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