Ranch Poems – “Beach”



there is a beach somewhere within
that we see in our fondest dreams
that we know is there, but can’t find
that we feel a deep longing for

white waves rolling silently in
curling into long nautilus’
infinitely at a subtle pace
as all to see is mosaic

sand severing solid ground from
our hidden heels and buried toes
warm from the soul’s burning idea
of the ideal here and never

intuition and the mind’s time
stuck between some set and some rise
awed by a favorite color sky
lifting up and opening wide

the coastline creeps away-both ways
numinous nights merge with lost days
and when a love is desired
it’s standing there in front of you

a dream so close, our eyes open
to sleep on this beach, lungs empty
to breathe on this beach, brain shuts down
to think on that which we overlook



One comment

  1. dad · October 27, 2010

    Love this


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