Ranch Poem – “Up to You”


Up to You

What does it mean to be an expert?
Living is being lost, yet we need them
to quiet our fears, stroke our beards.
The Ring of Fire and reactors on fire
rage to no one’s comprehension.
The people trade change for cost,
pulling the wool themselves and
planning their posthumous ascension.

Diverging plates and morals
make our world’s axis askew.
As regimes and Ipads upgrade,
our dreams change too.

We hear the news on repeat,
Charlie Sheen’s tweets
and somebody’s private sobs.
Only us freaks hear the music,
hear our fellow beings’ souls
and know they are cheering.

I want beautiful music and new
thoughts to leak from our headphones
unto the ears of everyone.
Humanitarian aid. The Faceless Fifty,
the oblivious gurus on every corner.
Competition and fighting is a waste of time.
We must give for no personal return.

The universe may not exist.
The violent crust may always shift.
The dark side may persist.
But all we experience may just
be as perfect as it gets.
It is up to you to.



What do you think?

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