Ranch Poem – “Talking”



Talking tends to provide me with work
Talking causes you and me some hurt
Talking slows down this endless thinking
Talking keeps you afloat when your mind is sinking
Talking doesn’t work so well when things get heavy
Talking can get her good and ready
Talking provides us with the easiest way to be a hypocrite
Talking covers up truth tears and righteous rips
Talking feels like a speaker attached to the heart
Talking is not an art
Talking sometimes acts as a life vest
Talking evokes some of your very best
Talking opens us up
Talking will break down these barricades with a bit of luck
Talking helps our presence to be felt and heard
Talking makes audible any absurd words
Talking never goes anywhere without singing too
Talking won’t substitute seeing you
Talking defines me instantly, momentarily, and unfortunately
Talking costs some their lives and sets many others free



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