Ranch Poem – “Against Shadows”


“Against Shadows”

Today I feel afraid.
Sitting in jail, I rarely feel fear.
There is a powerful dark energy
of confusion and panic
the likes of the comic book world.
Our world is where an anticipating audience,
unsuspecting and alive and good and
lucky to hold tickets to the midnight opening
on a July night to see the new Dark Knight,
packed into a loud and dark theater
can be preyed upon like expendable targets
by a young man of my age.
An aspiring neuro-scientist
slash villain psychopath murderer
who managed an appalling collection
of firearms, ammunition, body armor, smoke grenades.
Who simply surrenders in the parking lot
like he just lost some level in a game
to put down his controller and persona
after some hidden demon loosed mayhem.
It’s shit like this that convinces people
that they need to keep gas masks and 9mm’s
on them wherever they go,
as if they could somehow anticipate chaos.
Anxious to arm themselves against shadows.


Fort Hood Shooting


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