Ranch Poem – “Morality, like a cello inside me”


“Morality, like a cello inside me”

Eyes closed with the broad sun overflowing
Rose flush sight like a living commencement
Unable to distinguish known from dreamt
I try to feel the Earth-like brain growing

Sing in my sleep, things that cannot be told
Subatomic scales of quiet quintessence
Hear more subtle things with this shadowed sense
Standing up to the void under quilted folds

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plays in magnificent desolation
An étude for the journey’s finale

The day is a perpetual morning
Slack lining a mental mobius strip
Traversing my identity’s orbit
Dreaming back through life, the mind is roaring

Awareness as the tremendous expanse
A fertile vacancy every moment
The heat and honesty of moments
Someday there will exist no circumstance

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plucks away the dandelion days, “kerplunk”
Committing to truth not consistency

Rotting Guerra in the Boston blue sky
No longer fear judgement over Richard
Much have i travelled in the lands of Word
The Crown Prince of the Lotus Blossom Sky

And I’ll fathom hell or climb to heaven
Water and flame shall shoot from my body
in modern man’s death anxiety
Decayed oracles, past their prime tulips

Morality, like a cello inside me
Sustains across terrestrial tones
Held up by the earthy totality

Living is dear, the path must lead somewhere
Navigate a Mondrian of alleys
Eliotical Wastes and Gonzo stories
for dynamic memes to spirit you there

Innumerable transmigrations to chase
I sit in the mind of the rose and hide
from their clenched hearts in a collapse of time
A new generation of the human race




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