Ranch Poem – “Tie-Dyed Life”


“Tie-Dyed Life”

My uniform is polyester cotton blend and solid blue,
monotone, replicated.
While down with my personal effects,
my t-shirt waits
hidden like it was beneath the heavy tweed hold
of the charcoal striped suit I wore to court.
Deep purples orbit and push greens and blues.
My colors.
First Dead shirt from a Phil and Friends show,
Bank of America Pavilion back in 08′
before all the cycles softened and faded
the roses, the wagon wheel, the Dragon.
“On the Road” in script, ornate and arched across the back.
There through the rapture, loss, fear, madness
and torrent of shame.
Never leaving the grip and tug
of my shaking hands.
A part of my tie-dyed life, always.




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