Ranch Poem – “The Lionhearted”


The Lionhearted

I’m left. Always beaten but constantly winning,
The aches of other souls burn my muscles
And I’ll take it wholeheartedly. North, South
East, and West. I leave myself behind anywhere
I go, a monument of weak might.

I destroy “do not enter” signs.
I bring the subjective truth.
I make the zebra change his stripes.
I make the zebra change back.
I pulsate concern into silent rhythms.
I mimic righteous ones.
I mirror the hypocrite.
I sweep your strikes under the rug.
I furnish my defeat by becoming mute.
My smile weighs negative.
Your smile is the balance point.
I got the green, living blues.
I leave it up to you.
I haven’t shed a tear against me.
I got the right down, but am wrong.

So I reached and found.
So I’ve got it now.
So what, if there’s conflict.
So we have to spill our contents.
So leave the fridge open.
So go back to what was left years behind.
So eliminate quiet frowns.
So we add the L to the OVE.
So I’m not lonely together.
So a snowmelt’s snow isn’t forgotten.
So we sing the fuck out.
So to hell with falsehood.
So this helping hand grasps.
So your flats and sharps both are tuned.
So the ol’ favorites get played.
So this electricity stored, shocks.

I’m left. Ready now, Red Bull and kush
Willing. I won’t wear socks to bed tonight,
I could collapse from this revelation dose.
My head will no longer hang low, though
I must keep it up. The Lionhearted would
Not stay mum. Must have been the fear.




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