Ranch Poem – “What a Dame”


“What a Dame”

Poetry is a beautiful woman
in a long dress
that takes care of me
She is a wealth of knowledge and memories
A helpful heartache
a muted muse
that inspires me to exist eternally
with every stanza of her being
I am devoted to her cause
as she cultivates
fields of words
and bluebonnets which I sow
I know much about her
but am always surprised
by the variations
in her lines, in her eyes
She doesn’t pluck easy prescriptions from her purse
She can’t block me or unfriend me
She is not afraid to not comprehend me
She has no ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands
or unhealthy relationships to hide from me
Although, in no way is she
exclusively my own
She is with me
While I’m alone
What a dame




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