Ranch Poem – “Line of Sight”


“Line of Sight”

When you desire a blue woman
without a doubt down to your core
nothing else will do, she is all.
She is all that will satiate.
All that everything is compared.
All other nectars aren’t as sweet.
All other faces not as soft.
And you will turn down many others,
others who would be good for you,
because you have faith in romance
like Quixote and Cerano
and Dantes, Cummings and Homer.
You will endure blank loneliness
knowing that she would fill your life
with color and smiles and purpose.

So you wait but never do you sever
your love simply because she is not yours.
Love is more than sharing a kiss or a bed.
It is seeing the light in another.
And that beauty is yours no matter what,
so do not shut out the light in sadness.
There is warmth to cherish if we can see
past the blinding glare of our entitlement.
There is no reason to not be thankful
for her bright light in your line of sight.




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