Ranch Poem – “Equanimities”



Shaky happenings in DC.
Bombings in Boston.
Enemies lurking behind dark ideas.
Those who want unrest permanently,
they will not attain their low goals.
The lightworkers, they do not fear,
they endure as the sun does.
Bodies of rays and potential,
an infinite myriad of forms
that live with change fully.
But we cannot forget our place.
Flimsy is our lives, flimsy is our meaning.
Insignificant? If we allow it to be so.
Universe shaking, if we make it so.
Seeing outside the normal spectrum,
suffering in any respect is only another
facet of the Beloved, that which we revere.
Devastation, destruction, evil, pain
these are realities and tests of the soul.
Only viable option is to hold tight
to that brightness that is everything.
Police, artists, councilmen,
priests, teachers, bankers-
-they are only humans.
Righteous or not
Loving or not
Understanding or not
Forgiving or not
True or not…
it is not out of our hands,
and we all have options.




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