Ranch Poem – “Familiarity”



Like a warm place to sleep,
it gives the human condition
a little relief.
The artists and tracks we scroll to
on our ‘Droids and ‘Pods.
Well, its often the ones
we’ve heard a thousand times
that we choose to settle upon.
It’s why Home is so appealing,
a place we don’t need to be
anxious, on red alert, questioning.
Hell, it’s even why so many people
are unable to leave a relationship
without everything blowing up
and going to shit.
We style our hair, dress ourselves,
eat, drink, think and act
in simple ways that we know well.
Often change seems like its enemy,
the anthesis of that which comforts us.
The threat of the newness, the revolution,
the shake up all but terrifies most.
No matter if the normal quo is
blatantly, painfully fucked up.
It is in our nature to settle on what we know
and fear what is unknown.

But some escape that primal urge,
some, like us, crave the uncharted,
the undiscovered, the unseen, the unheard
the freaky, strange and wonderfully weird
people, places, sounds, tastes, smells, feels
and moments like
To see things true,
you’ve got to see life as more
than a bunch of comfy, certain days.




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