Ranch Poem – “Eternity’s Infinity”


Eternity’s Infinity

After shucking and prying my conglomeration of a body
out of this cryogenic comforter chamber,
my start of the day thoughts turn to last night’s moon.
Nestled in a sky like acid washed jeans, it rose
without end. Full, translucent, and emanating
plumes of labradorite clouds and me expounding.
Despite the piles of clothes, files and unfinished books,
I am accomplishing and clawing at these things
that I’ve wanted long before I was ever conceived.
Throwing up destiny, desire and derision
high into the above at differing moments
and juggling to avoid a subtle detriment.
I am homeschooling myself in a few subjects:
waking up before noon everyday to wind up;
choosing to write, shoot, bike, eat, or post socially;
hunting for living highs in the mind’s wild unknown;
and the new art of web browser tag management.
Gotta be on the attack today, tomorrow,
through eternity’s infinity waiting for me.




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