Ranch Poem – “Hearty Seas”


Hearty Seas

I know that we gotta get fired up about the future,
otherwise time will just slip away into a lack.
Hopes they dry up and some just won’t come back,
but there is a capacity inside of you and me
to control what we say, do, think and see.
Put it up and see something higher transpire.
Intimidation and elation are just sensations,
your life will be perfect for the duration.
I fumbled, but regret is really no medicine.
There will be another chance if its in the cards.
Until then, it’d be a shame not to work on me.
Hold fast love, there is so much to embrace,
so many blank walls to deface, so much to taste.
And I will chase the me that’s meant to be,
espousing eccentricities and hearty seas.




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