Ranch Poem – “I Have Arrived”


“I Have Arrived” 

If the Kingdom of God or Pure Land is
your final destination, look not past
this here modern moment.
Go home there to touch life’s wonders.
There is only life, all else is idolism.
Past is prison, future is prison…be free.
Nourish through HERE, arrive through NOW.

We ignore our bodies religiously.
Ignore the knots and rust and clogs.
The breath is the handyman
whose tools cut with the mind.
My inbreath is the Atlantic’s flooded floor.
My outbreath is a listless largo.
Amnesty resides in our respiration.
Concentration makes for relief and recognition.
The spiritual dimension eclipsed in dreams
becomes everything that we see avec clarité.
By escaping the novelty of things
past, future, past and future,
finally in finality
I have arrived
I have arrived
I have arrived.





  1. thomasnwafor · November 28, 2013

    Loving that chart, it’s awesome


  2. jamesneed · November 30, 2013

    Beautiful words. Namaste


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