Ranch Poem – “Conditions of Eden”


“Conditions of Eden”

I hope that I continue to write
til I’m old and gray
but if that someday comes early
when my pen runs eternally dry
I know that I will continue to write poesy
in some celestial formless paradise
and post posthumously upon some
cosmic Facebook page
for all sentient beings.
Boundless sunshine shall light
the clouds that I will
write on like primordial paper.
Where creation is spontaneous
and everyone and everything participates.
As I was always one soul in life
we become several after.
Passing through opalescent gate
I shed suffering skin
no need for nervous system.
Escaping the anxiety of living in time
I join the life stream tributaries.
Blood becomes rain, the sun the only heart
rays beat upon my true face
and peace is finally forever.
It is not the peace that the world gives
but peace adamant and amaranthine
as the universe itself.
In this axis mundi cosmos collective
I wake endlessly in no time.
No longer do I move to a temporal rhythm
but the music of life is as beautiful as ever
a mandolin and cello and a piano trio
plays it for me
as my earthly lifetime translates
into a splinter of the infinite deity.
Absolute knowing is nice
(now I understand what the thunder said)
There isn’t much to write about here though.
Nothing to learn, nothing to be wrong about.
But creativity is a need illimitable
even in postmortem, it is revered.
Playing whist with Walt and Waldo
discussing the multitudes manifested
and how to embrace the non-moment
as Odin the God of Poetry.








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