Ranch Poem – “There Is Just So Much”


“There Is Just So Much” 

There is just so much. So much text. So much thought. So much images. So much tracks. So much tabs open. So much electricity surging. So much new episodes. So much unread emails. So much new connections. So much individuality. So much following. So much liking. So much variation on these themes and memes and electric sheep dreams. So much burgeoning and elastic extremes. So much confusing the Gonzo. So much pushing against that which pushes us against what we want to push against. So much reading into text messages wondering what she really meant. So much instagrams. So much insta-waste-of-time. So much insta-enlightenment. So much sight. So much retina display light. So much late nights. So much snow. So much money, time, dignity, brain optimization to blow. So much pressure in the nose. So much release and solace in digitizing our prose. So much forgetting a global perpetual, out-of-sight out-of-mind war.  So much more.  So much of this pop culture I ignore. So much rebooting of an entheogenic ethos of the new identity.  So much forgetting that which we are experiencing and participating in. So many nostalgias as I watch the streetlights of this modern and well paved superhighway blur violently by me as I stand in awe, and sometimes fear.


car lights in blur.preview


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