Ranch Poem – “The New Cold War”


“The New Cold War”

Been missing countless toasts with friends,
skipped a thousand ciphers, it aint easy.
Paddling the big river in a solo kayak,
past the alluring rapids and unconscious beaches.
Is every daybreak your life or death knocking?
Well yall, I’ll tell ya I’m clocking light years
rocking, popping and locking everything I am.
Chasing cheers, re-writing jeers,
forgetting beers, staying in the clear.
I’m country, I’m urban, I’m EDM,
I’m jazz, I’m punk, I’m reggae,
I’m tired and amped, I’m wise and clueless,
I’m exiled and home, I’m traditional and revolutionary.
Be easy on me, take me with a grain,
we’re all just waiting on a slow train.

Some of you are fighting potential,
maneuvering around this future destination
escaping yourselves yet to be made,
as if its going to be fucked or shitty or bad.
Its going to turn out as you will it to be.
Believe it blindly if you must,
but don’t for a second put down the oar.

This week, my geographical location is keeping me
from my best friend’s wedding, a neighbor’s funeral,
and my aunt being placed on life support.
It’s a discouraging existence…lots of potholes,
lots of losses at the buzzer, lots of re-injuries,
lots of insomnia, lots of wet socks,
lots of “No’s” and “Fuck you’s” and “Sorry’s”.
And its only the beginning.
And its been this way since the beginning.
If it’s not Malaysian planes disappearing,
it’s trains derailing.
If it’s not typhoon hurricanes on the attack,
it’s Mayor’s governing high on crack.
If it’s not the “new cold war”
it’s a whole lot more
waiting to shake our cores.



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