Ranch Poem – “Harden”



I figure, that if it defines you,
then you shouldn’t hide it.
Even the misdoings and the losses.
Learn to embrace these aching faults,
because our humanity is frequently validated
by our experience and adversity and difference.
The delicate dreams you wish to attain
and exalting successes you wish to make
will not be without hardship and
ownership of all that you are.
Know that fully,
beyond an inkling,
then attack.
There’s no rest for the wicked
and the road is habitually hard.
“I vow to stay sharp and woken,”
these words must remain unbroken.
A series of breaks lead up to a vast opening,
the entrance appears only when it should.
Do all that you can to tenderly
mold the clay of your identity,
then toss it quickly into the kiln
and watch it harden.




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