Ranch Poem – “Blue Hipster” and “Laughing Dry”


“Blue Hipster”

How can this middle aged hipster be
comfortable wearing his bronze sunglasses
look-at-me-blue pants and reptile
skinned soft souled shoes
sly grinning his way into a shared
cigarette and positivity polite
funny talk with a recently came
of the laughing age dame
when he should probably be sharing
his lack of soul patch or faking
foreign french accents and possibly
using the 7 days to move
back into ready reality?
A large blue jean suit
clad man just exited the
can and he forgot to flush.




“Laughing Dry”

He knew himself
that dawn and
tall glasses would break
for hours without the jump
start he had stored
in clasped oak chests;
alongside his best shots,
talking trite highs,
and open bow-ties.
Together they grew
mind wrapped maps
to locations which would
expand his social breathing
and pissing.
Leaving him coughing
and laughing dry.




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