Ranch Poem – “The World of Self-Reliance”


The World of Self-Reliance

When you look at these
people on the street
some slide on ice
some spread like fire.

You can see it
in their eyes.
The bluish discoloration
under that puffy
wrinkle of the previous
night spent altering
heart rates or
indulging insomnia,
only to wake from some
muck of a bed they made
to try and dress

You can feel it
in their grip.
The tight clench
of a developing country
made-European named-
(always) briefcase bag
filled with compiled
copies of decent writing,
bills piled up to be
put off till they reach 30,
and their third iBook
replacement of 2008.

Most of us walk like
the world is a lonely place,
where atrocities are forgotten
like the names of ex-congressmen.
The world of self-reliance
for the self’s sake.

Some will shift their
footing, keep their core,
and know that we-
a lovely landfill of
fridges and radios
and dildos and teddy bears-
are the heirs of
that revolution
based in the past
slowed by the present and
made for the future.




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