Ranch Poem – “It’s a Car Wreck”


“It’s a Car Wreck”

A fiddling tune pushes us through Sun City,
your auburn eyes making the sunlight pretty.
Two nights in a country inn, staying ’til tomorrow.
Dressing, undressing, and resting our sorrows.

And as we sleep, our feet entwine.
Mountainous dreams that we’ll climb.
A vagabond may be broke but never blind,
we gotta take it down down down through our mind.

Flags wave goodbye.
Mile markers are just lies.
And yes, we will be looking good.
In your memory dress
and my opportunity boots.

A road that spans forever,
a worn out town.
Been wondering lately,
if up is really down.

We’ve dodged fires and floods.
Shunned murder and disease.
Escaped the forces of change.
Traveling, living with ease.

People know we must have lost it,
and that working cell phones is what we need.
But there’s no substitute for vagueness.
Blending in with big willow trees.

A road that goes on forever.
A worn out town.
Been wondering lately
if up is really down.

Constantly available.
GPS heartbeats.
Facebook livelihood.
Credit check love letters.
Dusty passports.
Entropic everything everywhere.
It’s a car wreck.




  1. Tokoni O. Uti · February 18, 2015

    I LOVE this picture. Make me feel like I’m already there. Beautiful poem .


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