Ranch Poem – “Native Vibes”


“Native Vibes”

Settle in and break the seal.
Across holographic fields
spread transcendent blankets
and act in and out and sit.

Do we deserve a story?
Do we deserve a truth?
Do we deserve the glory?
Do we deserve the balance too?

In the human age, we must engage
and stage a space for our Native Vibes.
We the coral reef of all life,
self-organized brain in time.

Holding the ratchet with Descartes.
Teleporting cognition, arrow in flight.
Baseless reality, out-of-mind plight.
Neither seem right. Too tight the sight.
Widen past future perception.
Pass the crucible through convection.


Cover photography by: Anndrea Didonato (Lucid Light Photography)


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