Ranch Poem – “Mother Ganges”


“Mother Ganges”

As I merged with the river,
I separated from all the unknown.
Soaked with the inner mirror
my being had shown.

An infection may maim,
while the body suffers and pains.
The self still strives upward,
your mind never falls lame.

I seek liberation from the bad and the good,
because a forest fire is still fueled by wood.
To experience the ultimate, ten-fold.
The ground beneath my feet on an eternal stroll.

A witness to a mighty gust of wind, a slow burning flame,
the passing of friends, a newborn named.
The role of all lifetimes submerged into her waves.
To search. To never find a poison that saves.



One comment

  1. mukul chand · April 1, 2016

    great post


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