Ranch Poem – “Soothing Suffering”


“Soothing Suffering”

Sit down in this familiar, boundless tub
and soak and scrub
in a bath of mindfulness.
Undo these knots of despair
but don’t ignore your pains
as if they weren’t there.
Open circulation to the mind,
release this tension that binds
these poisons to our lives.
You don’t have to worry
about the tap getting cold.
Transformation is happening.
Loosen sorrow’s hold,
something will change.
Look no further for treatment
greet your internal relief
generating careful energies
as you breathe.
Our massage of understanding,
Soothing suffering.



Ranch Poem- “The Soloist”


The Soloist

Teary-eyed on jail pay phone
trying to be strong
to be positive
in the distorted face of
A year of searching
the existential cracks of
one’s saddened heart
for belief in a life
that exists in memory
and in hopeful plans
Pains untreated
Smiles depleted
Family, friends, love
Despite the suffering
these are noble desires
that tear asunder
the soloist
standing alone among strangers
swirling lost and chained
tearing layers from lips
with sore teeth
wondering to no avail
about “them”
and what they really think
about me
Are they already afraid?
How will they know me?
Am I changed?
Taken down a peg
Joining the disadvantaged
Waving goodbye to old habits,
evil deeds, and invincibility
But what about what made me happy?
Will I have to wait much longer
to know them once again?
Wireless outernet disconnection
Dubstep in commercials taunting
convict conversation reruns
This isn’t quite me sometimes
with the constricted choices
trying to pick the middle way
fighting unsatisfactoryness
Jail sangha somehow tough
Is this the base camp for the summit?
Springing forward tenderly
December’s twenty-first
Who, what, when, where, why, how
will I be?


Ranch Poem – “From the Sea, The Dragon’s Risen”


“From the Sea, The Dragon’s Risen”

I was born between crazy eights
20th Century Dragon time
crying about Reaganomics
beneath the summer star’s crab sign
Safe and sound atop Levelland
a fire within, the sea in hand

Flood of the imagination
breaking levees of disbelief
I was Ahab I was Skywalker
Home on the range, writing the street
Investigating infinity
Touching the Beat inside of me

Bandana boy in a hurry
majored in overindulgence
Head up my ass, red-lining life
The Lewis Carroll’s mindless torment:
often happy, often unhappy
Embodying the anomaly

The windowsill’s become my home
and I’m forever chasing the Truth
More listening, less saucebox rambling
Evolving quickly out of youth
From the sea, The Dragon’s risen
second movement of a soul mission


"Harmony of Dragons" by Android Jones

“Harmony of Dragons” by Android Jones

Ranch Poem – “I will break this shadow”


“I will break this shadow”

I will break this shadow
into a thousand lights of sun.
No challenge,
no matter the length or intensity,
retains the propensity to douse
the Bonfire that is my will.
Relentless and Honest
is my will to rise!
Rise up, rise against
rise above!

You can go tell them,
I won’t be silent or flat,
won’t be bitter broken.
I’ve already spoken
countless times while
muzzled, exiled,
and I’m liable to be heard.

Misleading darkness,
I see it for what it is,
zippo and oiled cloth
match and paper
lightning and brush.

I am illume inside
my spirit may
my supernovae self
on a loop
creating against despair!
Making room for

There are bright days ahead
Days that I will know
Days that I will take
and make marvelous
as pretty gems shining
as the lion’s mane reflecting
the sun.
We still have time
it’s done.




Ranch Poem – “Tie-Dyed Life”


“Tie-Dyed Life”

My uniform is polyester cotton blend and solid blue,
monotone, replicated.
While down with my personal effects,
my t-shirt waits
hidden like it was beneath the heavy tweed hold
of the charcoal striped suit I wore to court.
Deep purples orbit and push greens and blues.
My colors.
First Dead shirt from a Phil and Friends show,
Bank of America Pavilion back in 08′
before all the cycles softened and faded
the roses, the wagon wheel, the Dragon.
“On the Road” in script, ornate and arched across the back.
There through the rapture, loss, fear, madness
and torrent of shame.
Never leaving the grip and tug
of my shaking hands.
A part of my tie-dyed life, always.



Ranch Poem – “Morality, like a cello inside me”


“Morality, like a cello inside me”

Eyes closed with the broad sun overflowing
Rose flush sight like a living commencement
Unable to distinguish known from dreamt
I try to feel the Earth-like brain growing

Sing in my sleep, things that cannot be told
Subatomic scales of quiet quintessence
Hear more subtle things with this shadowed sense
Standing up to the void under quilted folds

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plays in magnificent desolation
An étude for the journey’s finale

The day is a perpetual morning
Slack lining a mental mobius strip
Traversing my identity’s orbit
Dreaming back through life, the mind is roaring

Awareness as the tremendous expanse
A fertile vacancy every moment
The heat and honesty of moments
Someday there will exist no circumstance

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plucks away the dandelion days, “kerplunk”
Committing to truth not consistency

Rotting Guerra in the Boston blue sky
No longer fear judgement over Richard
Much have i travelled in the lands of Word
The Crown Prince of the Lotus Blossom Sky

And I’ll fathom hell or climb to heaven
Water and flame shall shoot from my body
in modern man’s death anxiety
Decayed oracles, past their prime tulips

Morality, like a cello inside me
Sustains across terrestrial tones
Held up by the earthy totality

Living is dear, the path must lead somewhere
Navigate a Mondrian of alleys
Eliotical Wastes and Gonzo stories
for dynamic memes to spirit you there

Innumerable transmigrations to chase
I sit in the mind of the rose and hide
from their clenched hearts in a collapse of time
A new generation of the human race



Ranch Poem – “The Golden Door of the Future”


“The Golden Door of the Future”

We are in the midst of vast transitions.
All flawed systems being reconditioned.
A New Mankind coming to fruition.
Waking from a slumber of centuries
to crumbling empires, Broadband anarchy,
and Age-ending Mayan astrology.
We wait for the motion of what’s to come.
Unprecedented possibilities become
the hour when a new clarity is sung.
Our calls for people power won’t let up.
Feeling more evolved as it all builds up.
A status quo slowed world turned right side up.

Some have vowed to illuminate mankind,
unafraid to reveal what one might find
when we combine our hearts with one world’s mind.
Poets are priests of the congregation
seeing spirals of radiant information-
-the language of Truth’s enunciation.
Pioneers and revolutionaries
dance between mediums. Visionaries
inventing tomorrow’s sanctuaries
of sentient soul’s inner awakening.
Promoting profound empathy they sing
about art as a way of wondering.
Listening ceaselessly and focusing.
Those of us who refuse to stop thinking.
Music is ammo for the Reckoning.

There’s an inheritance of evolved love,
Prehistoric harmony’s push and shove.
A call on the origin to rise above.
Boundaries between things disappearing.
No longer out of tune, we are hearing
the living cell that is Earth endearing.
You must be a branching point for break through
Sense premonitions from Machu Picchu.
Grab hold of what is arising in you
and work the essentials of energy.
Outer and inner lives in harmony,
we learn to reflect within constantly.

Human sensitivity is rising.
More and more of us are journalizing.
Realizing as we are modernizing
that the future’s thread is transformed in us
and awareness is our new animus.
Reset the balance of your nucleus
‘cus life is not promised, not guaranteed.
We are pure potential tremendously.
Beyond the similes and vis-a-vis.

We fit ourselves into web frames on walls.
Strengthening personas but all in all,
when the community falls the world falls.
Hollow people gain the world but lose soul.
Bankers and senators hide in foxholes,
but for life’s grief there are no loopholes.
Ego has you convinced that you must fight
day and night against someone else’s right.
Our differences must heal, then we’ll unite.
All are intertwined in rocking delight,
Israelites, Buddhist, Christians, Shiites.
Judgment, shame and blame block out the sunlight.
See through the dark veil of nationalness.
Try so hard to overcome littleness.
Breakdown illusions of separateness.
Gotta protect, border and greet each other.
End self-absorption to serve another.
We’re beckoned to be ONE or the other.

We are a solid crew, an infinite troupe.
No longer will we yearn at dusk on stoops
waiting to be duped by special interest groups.
There is a surge of intention to strive,
to say YES to harmony and revive
the mind to stay hungry to change our lives.
The planet’s energies no longer will
support negative forces, dark and ill.
This is the Great Call, to will your own will.
To cultivate great opportunities,
do not be afraid to speak of unity.
Truth is a stance of the community.
The age of degeneration will end.
The advent of a world in which we mend
the broken order, rebuild and transcend.
Join the conscious movement of history.
Ring out the thousand worlds of old unfree
Ring in the thousand years of peace espirit.
A lasting transformation is at stake.
Gotta communicate to syncopate.
The Golden Door of the Future awaits.
Surrender briefly to uncertainty.
Wake up with a dream in your eyes and see,
we create the 21st Century.



Ranch Poem – “7 Billion”


“7 billion”

7 billion people living at once.
Right now, there is someone
being murdered, someone being raped
someone is detonating a bomb
and someone is committing suicide.
But you can be sure that
there are, at any given moment,
an overwhelming majority of that
7 billion who are being hopeful,
creating and laughing
and above all
are loving purely
lost in wonder
and praise