Ranch Poem – “A Land Shadow”


A Land Shadow (Iambic Pentameter) 

I’ll bear no arms against my right,
for I am slain daily by what
is left. A stranded timber for
a fire, a shadow over me.

And little do you know about
the right, or what is left defect
within decaying life. While some
of us are dogs, some cats are kind.

A lively living, living such
a lie. Suppose I knew, the moon,
a pinhole, was just punched out
from my quarter shot at the sky.




Ranch Poem – “I Have Arrived”


“I Have Arrived” 

If the Kingdom of God or Pure Land is
your final destination, look not past
this here modern moment.
Go home there to touch life’s wonders.
There is only life, all else is idolism.
Past is prison, future is prison…be free.
Nourish through HERE, arrive through NOW.

We ignore our bodies religiously.
Ignore the knots and rust and clogs.
The breath is the handyman
whose tools cut with the mind.
My inbreath is the Atlantic’s flooded floor.
My outbreath is a listless largo.
Amnesty resides in our respiration.
Concentration makes for relief and recognition.
The spiritual dimension eclipsed in dreams
becomes everything that we see avec clarité.
By escaping the novelty of things
past, future, past and future,
finally in finality
I have arrived
I have arrived
I have arrived.



Ranch Poem- “If you think you can, you can”


If you think you can, you can

Wandering ’round these unhinged streets
with some qualms in my pocket.
When will this ink wash out?
And why are they all so sick?

I had to reassemble recently,
sometimes its all just a shambles.
Our social status ain’t too pretty.
Cracks in self worth, gaps in empathy.

And if we think we can’t, we can’t
And if we think we can, we can
And if you think you can’t, you can’t
And if you think you can, you can

All that searching and networking,
you had better make a plan
to change the fabric of your own
and make it manifest man.

Seen this old friend living on the street,
he’s out of options, an addict for hire.
I always have five dollars for him,
happy that his life hasn’t expired.

And if we think we can’t, we can’t
And if we think we can, we can
And if you think you can’t, you can’t
And if you think you can, you can

We rap about addiction like its Vietnam,
no family untouched, a draft in full effect.
We need to rethink this war
‘cus the whole system is suspect.

What price is paid for our ideals?
Capital and Tradition and Possession.
Resisting revolutions just to stay this way.
Disassociation is the sad obsession.

And if we think we can’t, we can’t
And if we think we can, we can
And if you think you can’t, you can’t
And if you think you can, you can
you can, you can, you can, you can
And if you think you can, you can



Ranch Poem – “Working on the 8 Fold”


“Working on the 8 Fold” 

Gonna do this every day and night
Don’t fear dying or getting old
I’m viewing it right
Working on the 8 Fold

Keep my mind in love, not hate
Polish bronze thoughts into gold
I’m thinking straight
Working on the 8 Fold

Leave the cawing to the birds
Speaking warmth, never cold
I’m watching my words
Working on the 8 Fold

Can’t waste time on fighting and crime
True compassion we must uphold
Doing what’s right all of the time
Working on the 8 Fold

I want a clean bill of health
Cleanse our bodies from poisons and mental mold
I’m gonna avoid collecting too much wealth
Working on the 8 Fold

I gotta strive for compassion
Set forth a plan that is truly bold
I’m ready to manifest and make it happen
Working on the 8 fold

Knowing when to focus the mind and when to quit
Be wary of what’s told and sold
This is it, This is it, This is it
Working on the 8 Fold

Moments alive are for meditation
Enlightened by listening to what we’re told
Breathing in joy and out elation
Working on the 8 Fold



Ranch Poem – “Hearty Seas”


Hearty Seas

I know that we gotta get fired up about the future,
otherwise time will just slip away into a lack.
Hopes they dry up and some just won’t come back,
but there is a capacity inside of you and me
to control what we say, do, think and see.
Put it up and see something higher transpire.
Intimidation and elation are just sensations,
your life will be perfect for the duration.
I fumbled, but regret is really no medicine.
There will be another chance if its in the cards.
Until then, it’d be a shame not to work on me.
Hold fast love, there is so much to embrace,
so many blank walls to deface, so much to taste.
And I will chase the me that’s meant to be,
espousing eccentricities and hearty seas.



Ranch Poem – “Eternity’s Infinity”


Eternity’s Infinity

After shucking and prying my conglomeration of a body
out of this cryogenic comforter chamber,
my start of the day thoughts turn to last night’s moon.
Nestled in a sky like acid washed jeans, it rose
without end. Full, translucent, and emanating
plumes of labradorite clouds and me expounding.
Despite the piles of clothes, files and unfinished books,
I am accomplishing and clawing at these things
that I’ve wanted long before I was ever conceived.
Throwing up destiny, desire and derision
high into the above at differing moments
and juggling to avoid a subtle detriment.
I am homeschooling myself in a few subjects:
waking up before noon everyday to wind up;
choosing to write, shoot, bike, eat, or post socially;
hunting for living highs in the mind’s wild unknown;
and the new art of web browser tag management.
Gotta be on the attack today, tomorrow,
through eternity’s infinity waiting for me.



Ranch Poem – “That’s the way love is, we know”


“That’s the way love is, we know”

Spent today with Jackson Browne.
Knowing one way or another I’d leave
an impression, a body, and this town.
We get tugged by this beauty thing,
of our word’s sounds falling into place.
So we follow evermore like a knight for his King.
That’s the way love is, we know.

Been seeing the big eyes of an owl
in the big puddles and abstractions.
To make wisdom an action,
I told her what I know so far:
never kick yourself when you’re down,
awake anew, and never meet darkness with war.
That’s the way love is, we know.

To make yourself  your own trusty guide,
I think we should navigate
time’s thickening storms with the light inside
and when failure and death obstruct
our perfect path, we move along anyways.
I’m older but young as ever and it’ll stay like that with any luck.
That’s the way love is, we know.

How many people regret, trying to double back?
You try to erase choice like its digital.
You’ll be at it until life’s end fades to black.
Make this production one that’ll leave a mark.
If we focus our view forwards things will grow together
and the pain will be gone , our smiles stark.
That’s the way love is, we know.

I’m working to dictate these lessons now
and I can see these struggles we share:
in-balances, defects, alphabet problems, don’t let um drag you down.
It’s the call of the rain in the grey arenas,
the missing companion never to return,
the transparent portal to a state of being zenith.
That’s the way love is, we know.



Ranch Poem – “The Parkway”


The Parkway

It’s faster to travel a St. than an Ave.
Look anyway you want and everywhere at once.
Better half of a decade I’ve been
scribbling, reflecting, and texting
on that escape route bus out of the City.
It’s raining something fierce this time and
I’m watching all these human beings trug around
with their soaked socks and vinyl mushroom caps.
And I remember the girls in Brooklyn earlier today
walking down Bedford wearing the same dresses,
even in the summer heat they wore bloody rain boots!
From the boulder mountain ranges in the Park to
the asphalt sands of Manhattan Isle,
this place is dug in and eternal.
They will speak of this land in any future
and on any world or dimension that
knows of Earth and humanity.
A million million million million
faceless Herring people prostrate all around,
trying their best to vibrate and intertwine.
Is it the rain clouds or has night fallen?
I think I see Maxwell’s ripples atop the Hudson
and as sparks fly as pen flicks off paper
the Parkway may be my kindling