Ranch Essay – “Magnets”

The power of love came into me
And I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.” – Rumi

All of my life, I have talked about what kind of women I was most attracted to, and what my life partner may be like. It’s something that so many of us do, perhaps to manifest him or her into our lives. And they often do appear and take that position in our lives, adding & never subtracting.

At first though, it’s something like velcro. The connection is a lucky coincidence and it is easily removed and attached again, and removed and attached again. All the while, we wait for the velcro to wear and stick together less and less, because it always seems to.

But sometimes it doesn’t. We are convinced, however, that we have our big, important reasons to have nothing or no one to stick to. We feel like attachment to this unworn connection needs to be cut, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of ego, sometimes self-sabotage. We reluctantly pry ourselves from the other, only to find that the space between exists only for an instant…You then realize that they are a (+) magnet and you are a (-). The pull to be near your love, or smack on top of them, is unending.

Any theoretical thoughts about what is most attractive, or what it is that turns us on, or makes our heart sing, all of that kind of disappears. Without our guard up, in the pull of the newly ceaseless connection, we look at our partner, blink, and understand that their face, body, mind, heart, scent, voice – all of it is enough, it is set in stone in our heart.

This doesn’t mean that every pair of magnets live happily together forever. We can become even more scared and freaked out once we have a clarity in our heart and a partner is found. This fear is pervasive in our society today. It means that we are a new kind of vulnerable, the kind that we are often not prepared for. This is when courage comes in handy. The courage to be that magnet, and to float inside that connection with honesty and self-less love.


Ranch Poem – “Soothing Suffering”


“Soothing Suffering”

Sit down in this familiar, boundless tub
and soak and scrub
in a bath of mindfulness.
Undo these knots of despair
but don’t ignore your pains
as if they weren’t there.
Open circulation to the mind,
release this tension that binds
these poisons to our lives.
You don’t have to worry
about the tap getting cold.
Transformation is happening.
Loosen sorrow’s hold,
something will change.
Look no further for treatment
greet your internal relief
generating careful energies
as you breathe.
Our massage of understanding,
Soothing suffering.


Ranch Poem – “Poem for Brittany During the Fall”


“Poem for Brittany During The Fall”

Sitting here rubbing my forehead hard.
You’ll text back eventually.
There’s Time, the great asshole,
hovering in the mind’s dim hallway.
He makes too many feelings for me,
and I only want to be trusted
by friends and lovers and strangers.
These kind eyes carry trouble I guess.

I know you’re going to do your best
to keep us a good idea, keep us okay.
The externals factor too hard sometimes
making rocket science out of our love.
When you talk about me to them,
they talk about me to them,
everyone speculates softly
and I just want to exist alone, away.
The knot of us is already doubled anyway.

Can’t we go wordless and stay in this room
my hand in your hair, my heart quiet?
Talking is my defense mechanism.
I’m on an endless tour of duty.
The shells rain on my shell, some go through me.
Cup my mouth, pat my chest
give me a hand to subtract my duress.
Give up demons, I won’t contest
these signs that are delivered as miracles.


Ranch Poem – “Working on the 8 Fold”


“Working on the 8 Fold” 

Gonna do this every day and night
Don’t fear dying or getting old
I’m viewing it right
Working on the 8 Fold

Keep my mind in love, not hate
Polish bronze thoughts into gold
I’m thinking straight
Working on the 8 Fold

Leave the cawing to the birds
Speaking warmth, never cold
I’m watching my words
Working on the 8 Fold

Can’t waste time on fighting and crime
True compassion we must uphold
Doing what’s right all of the time
Working on the 8 Fold

I want a clean bill of health
Cleanse our bodies from poisons and mental mold
I’m gonna avoid collecting too much wealth
Working on the 8 Fold

I gotta strive for compassion
Set forth a plan that is truly bold
I’m ready to manifest and make it happen
Working on the 8 fold

Knowing when to focus the mind and when to quit
Be wary of what’s told and sold
This is it, This is it, This is it
Working on the 8 Fold

Moments alive are for meditation
Enlightened by listening to what we’re told
Breathing in joy and out elation
Working on the 8 Fold



Ranch Poem – “All You Are Asked”


“All You Are Asked” 

It’s hard to help someone you love.
It can be excruciating just acknowledging their need,
their pain, struggle, fear and hear
the inflection of their voice as they describe
this hardship they must endure and battle.
You want to take up arms for them,
to walk right up to them and sever the hurt
forever. But you know you can’t.
That dark palisade that surrounds them,
it is debilitating their sense of power.
Change collapses as a possibility
and they clench their mind, pinned.
This is what we are designed to combat,
that which others cannot themselves.
By offering yourself to their cause
there is the hope that sustains.
They will try to do it on their own,
belittle the weight and keep you away.
But you will be there
without respite or delay.
That is all you are asked.


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