Ranch Poem – “Lords of Light”


Lords of Light

In a flash, love was made by two white elephants,
with wild bouts of Chantix induced anti-nicotine tendencies and lucidity.
Exactly how long is your effect’s duration, Pill Generation?
Long enough for breakfast in bed-to burst the Yolk of Heaven
and rage against the dying of the light,
until that other pupil remains wider than its ordinary brother.

Things are well kept and controlled here my Brahman brother.
Nothing repeats itself in this hollow space besides the elephants
and freedom references and fluorescent light.
And as I so deemed I dreamed, missing my lucidity.
No one mentioned that there are apples covering the ground in heaven,
left partially consumed-but not yet browning-for a generation.

It’s more like the High Fructose and make believe generation.
These thoughts i treat like Ishmael and others like his little brother.
Rhythms of silence can make a moment heaven.
The solitudes of the flesh are the skin of elephants.
Sin is a state of being known by those devoid of necessary lucidity.
Sons of the Lords of Darkness replaced by the Sons of the Lords of Light.



Ranch Poem – “Pulmonary Paramours”


Pulmonary Paramours

Push and prod harder
for your individualism!
Leave family and friends
to fend for their own,
because THIS
here is the
lovechild of the Me
generation we
find ourselves
Dream deep
and set goals to help
you finally forget what
your heart is nagging
you to fight for,
to change for,
to cry for.
Turn your attention to
easier locations like
the sensuous
isle of Libido,
or the profitable
skyscraper of
Social Status.
Run away from
pulmonary paramours!