Ranch Poem – “We Want to Wonder ‘Why?'”


We Want to Wonder “Why?”

well, we want to wonder “why?”
why lights burn out in minds and in the sky
why some of our love pours and some runs dry
why success or failure outweighs the try
why some dames eat orchids and men crave guys
why we follow socialists, capitalists, and Bear-oh my
why pot remains criminal but poisoned tobacco is a legal buy
why financial giants, Populist despots and Dick love to watch their comrades die
why it’s harder to be authentic then it is to be sly
why it takes years of good men to slow down a government’s lies
why greed and fear toss ice caps into furnaces to fry
why “it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s goodbye”
why bright lights, glowing sticks, and large breasts catch our spinning eyes
why they broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven on high
why some human beings don’t have 20dozen reasons to want to survive
why pharmacies can cure and cause us to cry
why all therapy isn’t musical-vibrant and Live



Ranch Poem- “Freedom of Our Nature


Freedom of Our Nature

The Allston/Brighton police station
won’t give me back my drivers license.

I peel the purple pillows off the couch
each night before bed.

The children’s chillums circle around
but I’m ready to sing better and piss clean.

Icelandic volcanic ash buries Europe,
Chinese monks bury a quake’s victims.

I am wondering in the future tense
if overexposure is to be mystery’s death.

All you destitute idlers that want to ignite,
meet me at Irving Plaza to get shpongled.

There is a music festival for everyone today,
a melodic reason to convene as a family of diverging thoughts.

Within our histories there lies music and art,
the individualistic components of a collective free soul.

A powerful resentment is slowly forming
against the Complex, Industrial-Military-American.

Millions of non-service military jobs in this country fuel the fire,

The homosexual jewish American guru warned that
“the terror of (war) is making the same terror here inside our country.”

Wait ’til the day comes when the non-violent
outlaw stance becomes the global majority.

Because the heat is now on the Goldmen Sachs
and the GMs and the Foxs and the State Farms of this world.

And those who desire righteous justice and honest global understanding
have instantaneous international communication coming to them.

For years I have fearfully observed older generations,
but the Rigid is dying or at least deflating.

Now maybe things can cool off for the perpetually oppressed
weird and different folks of this world.

Governments blindly pass on some ambiguous goal or purpose
to its people that cannot be understood, cannot be fulfilled.

“Let the old people wallow in the shame of having failed,”
because even the Hell’s Angels conceded to failure.

We may be jailed, we may be slaving away, we may be trapped
but our emotions must not change the freedom of our nature.


Ranch Poem- “Ambiguous Matter”


Ambiguous Matter

I am my own unknown
yet to be some classification
written in history.

Who knows what they’ll call me?
Manic Romantic.
Psychedelic Frontrunner.

And the World is an egg-
not actual but virtual.
And the Protestant work ethic
stirs up the moral cement.
And the checks and balances
aint checked or balanced.
And the revolutionaries of before
sit in their soiled bath water.

The future waits, but is unmade.
There are emails
and lattes
and space
and gospels