Ranch Poem – “The Heartwood”


“The Heartwood”

The damp leaves of autumn cling to our soles
some are torn apart, trying to keep hold
I see this distance between
our deepest desires are these diametric wholes

Memories crash like waves on me incessantly
I’m trying to revive their matrices
I’ve seen my past clearer than ever
friends passed on and I’m dreaming about eternity

Seven billion worlds, wondering what to choose
Fate is but a fruit tree, hollow and used
I don’t know any end for suffering
I’m bruised, unseen by others and unfelt by you

Feel like you’re missing something that’s right there
Your night falls your mind stalls eclipsed by fear
We are sensitive satellites
Composing twin universes more dark than clear

These blue veins branch our like hidden rivers
thawing beneath a life reconsidered
My focal length is forever forward
No pinwheel of death diagnosis will wither

Shortest way between us is a curved tree
It’s our successful search for symmetry
Just touch that dimension inside
Meet me in The Heartwood, have faith in awakening




Ranch Poem – “Hearty Seas”


Hearty Seas

I know that we gotta get fired up about the future,
otherwise time will just slip away into a lack.
Hopes they dry up and some just won’t come back,
but there is a capacity inside of you and me
to control what we say, do, think and see.
Put it up and see something higher transpire.
Intimidation and elation are just sensations,
your life will be perfect for the duration.
I fumbled, but regret is really no medicine.
There will be another chance if its in the cards.
Until then, it’d be a shame not to work on me.
Hold fast love, there is so much to embrace,
so many blank walls to deface, so much to taste.
And I will chase the me that’s meant to be,
espousing eccentricities and hearty seas.



Ranch Poem – “The Nonexistent Heart”


“The Nonexistent Heart” 

I’m the freedom man
with a spacious and
spaceless heart.
Nothing there really,
light and weightless,
raw and beautiful.
As sad as it is joyous.
It is meant to be spent
for others’ equanimity.
Tender as its bared,
love no longer scares.
Need be no explanation.
I see no illusion within
the muscle of loving.
The equidistance reminder
The nonexistent heart.