Ranch Poem – “This way, That way”


This way, That way

I see the way when I close my eyes.
That red, blue, and green starry sky.
A search for life’s bounty and the headwaters of grace.

I see the way when I think of death.
The billowing the covering of it.
As it pours from Fate’s flame.

I see the way when we ride.
In and out, near and far, the right lane.
The right path on another fossil fuel journey.

I see the way when your eyes tear up.
The wetness from all the mess they left us.
And in the involuntary way your face contracts.

I see the way right here playing loud.
The same way generations were defined.
The way vibrations can impact the soul.

I see the way but never expected to see it.
The direction that changed. The change of change.
And now that I know, I always will.

I see the way in a crowded club, the nexus between.
How she swings that backside side to side.
And how a suit and an addict can dance the same dance.

I see the way outside just yesterday.
The constant movement. The rush.
I see it then, next week, tomorrow and today.

I see it this way.
Some people are so ashamed.
Others are so damn mad.
Some people are sane.
Others just got it bad.
Some people cry and weep.
Others play it safe.
Some people take a leap.
Others live as fakes.
Some people play music.
Others shoot craps.
Some people are here.
Others never were.
Some people fear.
Others got the nerve.
I see it that way.



Ranch Poem – “Morality, like a cello inside me”


“Morality, like a cello inside me”

Eyes closed with the broad sun overflowing
Rose flush sight like a living commencement
Unable to distinguish known from dreamt
I try to feel the Earth-like brain growing

Sing in my sleep, things that cannot be told
Subatomic scales of quiet quintessence
Hear more subtle things with this shadowed sense
Standing up to the void under quilted folds

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plays in magnificent desolation
An étude for the journey’s finale

The day is a perpetual morning
Slack lining a mental mobius strip
Traversing my identity’s orbit
Dreaming back through life, the mind is roaring

Awareness as the tremendous expanse
A fertile vacancy every moment
The heat and honesty of moments
Someday there will exist no circumstance

Morality, like a cello inside me
Plucks away the dandelion days, “kerplunk”
Committing to truth not consistency

Rotting Guerra in the Boston blue sky
No longer fear judgement over Richard
Much have i travelled in the lands of Word
The Crown Prince of the Lotus Blossom Sky

And I’ll fathom hell or climb to heaven
Water and flame shall shoot from my body
in modern man’s death anxiety
Decayed oracles, past their prime tulips

Morality, like a cello inside me
Sustains across terrestrial tones
Held up by the earthy totality

Living is dear, the path must lead somewhere
Navigate a Mondrian of alleys
Eliotical Wastes and Gonzo stories
for dynamic memes to spirit you there

Innumerable transmigrations to chase
I sit in the mind of the rose and hide
from their clenched hearts in a collapse of time
A new generation of the human race



Ranch Poem – “7 Billion”


“7 billion”

7 billion people living at once.
Right now, there is someone
being murdered, someone being raped
someone is detonating a bomb
and someone is committing suicide.
But you can be sure that
there are, at any given moment,
an overwhelming majority of that
7 billion who are being hopeful,
creating and laughing
and above all
are loving purely
lost in wonder
and praise



Ranch Poem – “Be There”


Be There

Some of us on this breathing sphere
see things slip and sink.
Some of us on this wet rock
see things climb and expand.

In a polite town is where I reside.
I move and get down to the beats inside,
and live to dream about a worldwide Shakedown-
where hearts and eyes gleam and honest reality is found.

Some of us on this breathing sphere
hope for shortcuts and sedation.
Some of us on this wet rock
hope for equality and pretty peace.

It beats me how they can continue to fall down
this circling Ferris wheel of anxious frowns.
Roads are often dark and wide, lights bright,
for the old and inexperienced alike.

Some of us on this breathing sphere
are playing with reverence to our mistakes.
Some of us on this wet rock
are setting off explosions in our minds.

My hand rests upon my finally shutting eyes.
At this stubborn sudden moment I realize
I’ve got the shakes and a permahigh.
I see now how far out Saturn lies.

Some of us on this breathing sphere,
want to be gone.
Some of us on this wet rock,
want to be there.


Ranch Poem – “Heavy Thoughts”


Heavy Thoughts

I’ve been waiting for so long to hear of my fate.
Trapped between my salvation search and the mess i’ve made.
Things are better now, clean and humbled.
But it’s not the punishment the system prescribes.
County this and Federal that, the fear instilled.
It is my will to be the do-gooder, they will not break my will.
The world’s beauty will not fall to its ugliness,
but we are sacrificing some light everyday.
When will the norm, society, home and here be safe
to practice and live purely for loving energy?
I see folks abandon that which they love to search
for some place to exist as their heart demands.
Seclusion, escape or foreign land.
Their community is not their sangha, their teachers are not their guru.
But why not?
There is not enough belief in one another, darkness is the certainty.
Trust has become a yarn they weave, resentment the mud they heave.
Some souls are broken and helpless but only in their minds.
Nights of squalor or sorrow poison their hope for tomorrow.
Encourage each other, accept humanity’s faults. They need you.
Find grace as often as possible. Do not get discouraged by yourself.
I fill my head with music, scan pages of books, eat too much.
In our neighborhoods there are those who can not understand music.
In our neighborhoods there are those who can not read to learn.
In our neighborhoods there are those who can not pay food’s price.
Feel sorry for the less fortunate and pledge to help.
It’s easy to be overwhelmed, to be diagnosed, to piss yourself.
But despite all that we can still reason and pray.
Think about living from the soul, not for your ego’s dismay.
Think heavy thoughts because there is one life and its trying to float away.


Ranch Poem – “No Longer Torn”


No Longer Torn

This has all been foreseen
the eternal arms race
the fields of financial volcanoes
the Devil’s industry
waterboarding our Mother’s green

It wasn’t magic or prophet
but human reason that called it
It wasn’t formula or metaphysics
but reality created from our nature

Temples rebuilt, Messiah’s reborn
our minds play tricks our hearts throw bricks
until our beliefs align – no longer torn

I had a dream that I was split in two
one part was alone stranded at home
the other waiting to enter salvation with you

What is it we are destined to be?
a race too accurate for it’s own good
a race that knows more than it should
a race where they feed us liberty
but the mind’s ain’t free

Towers rebuilt, Conflicts reborn
our hearts fear ourselves our minds fear the world
until our beliefs align, no longer torn

I had a dream that I was split in two
one part was alone stranded at home
the other waiting to enter salvation with you