Ranch Poem – “Native Vibes”


“Native Vibes”

Settle in and break the seal.
Across holographic fields
spread transcendent blankets
and act in and out and sit.

Do we deserve a story?
Do we deserve a truth?
Do we deserve the glory?
Do we deserve the balance too?

In the human age, we must engage
and stage a space for our Native Vibes.
We the coral reef of all life,
self-organized brain in time.

Holding the ratchet with Descartes.
Teleporting cognition, arrow in flight.
Baseless reality, out-of-mind plight.
Neither seem right. Too tight the sight.
Widen past future perception.
Pass the crucible through convection.


Cover photography by: Anndrea Didonato (Lucid Light Photography)


Ranch Poem- “Fleeting Conversation”


Fleeting Conversation

It doesn’t take a long wind to inspire
someone. They can feel new strength
from a mere statement,
not just from any old ramble, but
from heart speak. The authentic explanation
they’ve been scratching to find, the pause
which they feel closely when they instantly
decide that the few words you have
muttered have left them in a daze.
Something in that anxiety
membrane of theirs has gained
new life, the inevitable they knew
may finally meet change,
an impact may be made on someone
that you will never meet again,
the dark may eventually find
light in humanity’s gaze.