Ranch Poem – “set you high, or bring you down”


“set you high, or bring you down”

sometimes I sit around and wear out my eyes
figuratively exposing this blinding life
for what it will and what it should lead to.
b-sides of this awesome group of bards
reaching out with angst, reaching out far

but this strange feeling in my core
will be tapped forevermore, when I concentrate
and reclaim my grasp from a later date
this people will become sensitive to sensitivity
and the irony will play out, to you, you, and me

if only a trip was safe
if only brain loss and traffic didn’t exist
then so many lives would never erase
themselves and leave us with the rest of this

so, my lovers and friends alike
teach yourself over again, and decide what’s the right
place to settle down, and doctrine to follow around.
hear wisdom from an old man’s voice
but understand that it holds all his life’s choice
and can set you high, or bring you down



Ranch Poem – “It’s a Car Wreck”


“It’s a Car Wreck”

A fiddling tune pushes us through Sun City,
your auburn eyes making the sunlight pretty.
Two nights in a country inn, staying ’til tomorrow.
Dressing, undressing, and resting our sorrows.

And as we sleep, our feet entwine.
Mountainous dreams that we’ll climb.
A vagabond may be broke but never blind,
we gotta take it down down down through our mind.

Flags wave goodbye.
Mile markers are just lies.
And yes, we will be looking good.
In your memory dress
and my opportunity boots.

A road that spans forever,
a worn out town.
Been wondering lately,
if up is really down.

We’ve dodged fires and floods.
Shunned murder and disease.
Escaped the forces of change.
Traveling, living with ease.

People know we must have lost it,
and that working cell phones is what we need.
But there’s no substitute for vagueness.
Blending in with big willow trees.

A road that goes on forever.
A worn out town.
Been wondering lately
if up is really down.

Constantly available.
GPS heartbeats.
Facebook livelihood.
Credit check love letters.
Dusty passports.
Entropic everything everywhere.
It’s a car wreck.


Ranch Poem – “Take that Breath”


Take that Breath

Take that breath. No, not that one.
Not the survival gasp, not the obligation.
Take that breath. Yes, that one.
Slow down the buzzing molecules
and forget feeling sorry for yourself.
Isn’t it nice? Still as the pond covered
in fog. We may not see the other side,
but it isn’t visible whenever we try.
Risk it all to reach the ruins of goodness,
to exhale the pediments across
and the pogoda’s back up right.
Brutal, yet beautiful life.



Ranch Poem – “The Lunar Cycle”


The Lunar Cycle

I gotta be rid of her, I’ve decided.
this woman, in her bring-me-down blouse.
the subtraction to my addition.
another tarnished by a wild condition.
like most of us, behind these barricaded doors.

So I caught an outbound rail
after posting bail from the livelihood jail,
listening to the distant closeness
of the talk passed from one to one,
or one to a brink wall.

jammed wall to wall, as these places are,
I’m sure I’m alone by far,
and wide-eyed
from the aura of everything and
everyone’s power and value.
I thought that if they would just work on
carrying it well,
maybe there would be no
recession after a swell.

a loaded southern drawl reverberated
violently off of my double breasted persona image constrictor
and believe it or not,
it became impossible to think swifter.

me and all the hopheads and investors
didn’t want to know exactly what
this Deputy Dog voice meant to say.
though, at any given moment
I’m sure one of us will
snap. snap. snap. snap.

That is really what I need,
what I’ve been waiting ideally for:
an unadulterated breeze of alone.
a time slowing, frozen moment
to stiffen me up against
this unifying meaning of the mob.

a neon hot ricochet of the future tense
lies behind any door.
Will you approach cautiously,
fearing anything you weren’t told before?

Fuck it, get free from foreshadowing,
so this history life of ours won’t be such a
goddamn bore.

All I mean to do is grab everyone I know,
carry in their groceries, realize their
stress, clean up every mess and
say to their childhood selves,
“ Think it over.”

cause no one in their right mind
wants to become dead while living.
I’m boarding a living, breathing,
freethinking freight-train,
and I hate feeling sorry for
every-person left to the
comforts of cotton-modesty.
going to the dogs or getting rich,
going to the dogs by getting rich,
and embodying the everyday lunar cycle.


Ranch Poem – “Eternity’s Infinity”


Eternity’s Infinity

After shucking and prying my conglomeration of a body
out of this cryogenic comforter chamber,
my start of the day thoughts turn to last night’s moon.
Nestled in a sky like acid washed jeans, it rose
without end. Full, translucent, and emanating
plumes of labradorite clouds and me expounding.
Despite the piles of clothes, files and unfinished books,
I am accomplishing and clawing at these things
that I’ve wanted long before I was ever conceived.
Throwing up destiny, desire and derision
high into the above at differing moments
and juggling to avoid a subtle detriment.
I am homeschooling myself in a few subjects:
waking up before noon everyday to wind up;
choosing to write, shoot, bike, eat, or post socially;
hunting for living highs in the mind’s wild unknown;
and the new art of web browser tag management.
Gotta be on the attack today, tomorrow,
through eternity’s infinity waiting for me.