Ranch Poem – “From the Sea, The Dragon’s Risen”


“From the Sea, The Dragon’s Risen”

I was born between crazy eights
20th Century Dragon time
crying about Reaganomics
beneath the summer star’s crab sign
Safe and sound atop Levelland
a fire within, the sea in hand

Flood of the imagination
breaking levees of disbelief
I was Ahab I was Skywalker
Home on the range, writing the street
Investigating infinity
Touching the Beat inside of me

Bandana boy in a hurry
majored in overindulgence
Head up my ass, red-lining life
The Lewis Carroll’s mindless torment:
often happy, often unhappy
Embodying the anomaly

The windowsill’s become my home
and I’m forever chasing the Truth
More listening, less saucebox rambling
Evolving quickly out of youth
From the sea, The Dragon’s risen
second movement of a soul mission


"Harmony of Dragons" by Android Jones

“Harmony of Dragons” by Android Jones


Ranch Poem – Lion of God


Lion of God

The filth of life will knot, fry, and
without a mention conceal the
short strands of pure moral faith that
your innocent and forgotten
self read into real existence.

My own narrative, that of the
passive martyr, is an everyday
Charley horse before I venture
to a haven sea. The line, far
off where sky meets ocean holds sure
a firmness of purpose and loss.
I drink less and obsess under
a bright barge. (too large are these least
humored of dreams and desire)

A pile of my hair, pulled out in
anxious twists and pent up bundles,
lay as carpet below my feet.
The listless tradition and axis,
as walking stick to perdition.
Variable to a soft kind
of legitimacy. In quest
for a living definition
of the purring Lion of God.