Ranch Poem – “Soothing Suffering”


“Soothing Suffering”

Sit down in this familiar, boundless tub
and soak and scrub
in a bath of mindfulness.
Undo these knots of despair
but don’t ignore your pains
as if they weren’t there.
Open circulation to the mind,
release this tension that binds
these poisons to our lives.
You don’t have to worry
about the tap getting cold.
Transformation is happening.
Loosen sorrow’s hold,
something will change.
Look no further for treatment
greet your internal relief
generating careful energies
as you breathe.
Our massage of understanding,
Soothing suffering.



Ranch Poem – “Vertigo”



Fuck the quick-fix, the blood
payment. The humping dog can’t
be partial. My body won’t decay,
I’m invincible! If I don’t worry,
then it’s no worry.
What stupidity–
yet to be annihilated or beloved.
Colorless breaths froth and
trickling down my cortex
are keen echoes.

Blue sky. Orange storm imminent.
But oh! What a fibber!
I try to imitate its brightness
and night
trips on its face
right in front
of my knees.
or Chinese green tea?”
And here
I am blowing my brains out!

If Spring was a man
I’d make it prepare
an itinerary. A girl near me
is certain of her “screwed up
head.” East meets West.


Ranch Poem – “Coming Off Paxil”


Coming Off Paxil

There is something occurring to me
in a sort of centrifugal force
of the ocean kind of pattern.
The chop and ebb of the ceaseless brainwaves
and the breaking emotional tide,
create a natural phenomena
that doesn’t seem to have been mapped out
or explained in any hyper-rational way.
I must accept this for it’s dark beauty.
My mind is not to be set on auto-pilot
or to be settled into some simplistic state.
Coming off Paxil, it wasn’t meant for me.
I have the tools, the insight, the courage needed
to meet my fears, my desires, my life
head clear, head on.