Ranch Poem – “Soothing Suffering”


“Soothing Suffering”

Sit down in this familiar, boundless tub
and soak and scrub
in a bath of mindfulness.
Undo these knots of despair
but don’t ignore your pains
as if they weren’t there.
Open circulation to the mind,
release this tension that binds
these poisons to our lives.
You don’t have to worry
about the tap getting cold.
Transformation is happening.
Loosen sorrow’s hold,
something will change.
Look no further for treatment
greet your internal relief
generating careful energies
as you breathe.
Our massage of understanding,
Soothing suffering.



Ranch Poem – “Take that Breath”


Take that Breath

Take that breath. No, not that one.
Not the survival gasp, not the obligation.
Take that breath. Yes, that one.
Slow down the buzzing molecules
and forget feeling sorry for yourself.
Isn’t it nice? Still as the pond covered
in fog. We may not see the other side,
but it isn’t visible whenever we try.
Risk it all to reach the ruins of goodness,
to exhale the pediments across
and the pogoda’s back up right.
Brutal, yet beautiful life.



Ranch Poem – “I Have Arrived”


“I Have Arrived” 

If the Kingdom of God or Pure Land is
your final destination, look not past
this here modern moment.
Go home there to touch life’s wonders.
There is only life, all else is idolism.
Past is prison, future is prison…be free.
Nourish through HERE, arrive through NOW.

We ignore our bodies religiously.
Ignore the knots and rust and clogs.
The breath is the handyman
whose tools cut with the mind.
My inbreath is the Atlantic’s flooded floor.
My outbreath is a listless largo.
Amnesty resides in our respiration.
Concentration makes for relief and recognition.
The spiritual dimension eclipsed in dreams
becomes everything that we see avec clarité.
By escaping the novelty of things
past, future, past and future,
finally in finality
I have arrived
I have arrived
I have arrived.



Ranch Poem – “happy for this moment”


“happy for this moment”

some nights the universe continues
to remind you to remain conscious.
breaking a crystal, losing a pair of sunglasses,
forgetting your place. “THIS IS IT,”
it says, don’t worry about that or then
until you remember that “THIS IS IT.”
you can never be so sure of those thoughts
the ones about the past or the future,
they are equally as murky and misinterpreted.
but this here moment, now that you can know
without any extraneous cranial work.
feel what is arising now and appreciate
that rare collection of moving parts
which makes up you and your life.
what a blessing! what a feat!
all else is secondary to that one truth.
start there, build around that.
it’s okay to break or lose or come up short
nothing lasts and that’s beauty itself.
nothing would be precious and serene
if everything remained forever.
and we will continue as long as we are able
to see that beauty in this instant
and in the fact that we are able to do so.
happy for this moment.