Ranch Poem- “Cherish Your Choice”


Cherish Your Choice

Driving into the night
two caravans rip
through the rain,
four men and four women
awaiting a rage.
Accompanied only
by a dashboard turtle
with a bobbling noggin
and a wooden gecko
with a nimble spine.
Barreling down dark and
empty stretches of Pennsylvania,
Jersey, and Maryland highways
on a one for all
and all for fun
journey to Asheville.

It would be my first
trip to Asheville and
the single longest drive
down the east coast
I had experienced.
Thompson once said:
“I have a theory that
the truth is never told
during the nine-to-five”
It is 12:42 a.m.
on September 10th
and I’m feeling
all kinds
of honest.

A bit of time
devoted to humoring
that which lies ahead
of this most rage worthy
of Nissan Pathfinders.
Weekends like this-ones
that begin with a long
mid-week drive and end
in the same fashion-they help
to remind me that
there is a desire,
a passion worth my
time and energy.
A vehicle for the kind
of ride I know
contains elements of
adventure and pure,
heady, unadulterated
that would be dishonest of
me to deny my soul.

Deny that voice
that implores you
to live subordinate
to others for the
disposables of life,
and the family
desperately fearful
of your own ability to

When you cherish
your choice, you’re
hard pressed to loose
sight of the heart’s goals,
to lose your control,
to lose your mind,
or even your one
and only natural,
fleshy, life.



Ranch Rant (2:59 PM) 9/14/09

TRINUMERAL 2009 in the Deerfields, NC liberated me in so many ways, what a beautiful experience, just a few things to rant about right now…

1. Watch out for lots of bees in a Bamboo forest! I sat down near the a creak in on and got stung a number of times! However, those shoots are huge and strong enough to hang on forever!

2. Because of heat exhaustion, I was officially Unconscious in the Conscious Alliance tent!

3. I think i slipped in every possible way while dancing at the Pond Stage, including the most embarrassing face plant slide 😦

4. If you didn’t get a chance to take that magical golf cart ride deeeeep into the forrest with the man who plays that crazy instrument he calls “The Stick”, and has a projector on the front of his cart that shines light into the darkness for navigation purposes and trippy ass vortex’s for other more fun purposes….well tough luck b/c it was one of the most amazing experiences ever!

5. Emancipator, Signal Path, Big Gigantic, Zach Deputy, Pnuma Trio, OL, Conspirator, The Egg (before they ran off), Sci Fi, Welder, Gift of Gab, Toubab, Mindelixer all tore it the fuckkkkk down.